Arietta G25 pinout

Generate and compile the device tree to config the hardware setup of your Arietta G25 board.

Serial lines

/dev/ttyS2   CTS/RTS   RS485

I2C bus

/dev/i2c-0   /dev/i2c-1

SPI bus

/dev/spi0   CS0   CS1   CS2   CS3

A/D converter

ADC0   ADC1   ADC2   ADC3

PWM lines

PWM0   PWM1   PWM2   PWM3

I2S bus for audio SoC

I2S Bus for Audio Codec

1 wire bus

None   PC2   PC3   PC4   PC31   PA23

Arietta led

heartbeat   mmc0   none


Kernel parameters list

All the GPIO lines are at 3.3 volt and are not tolerant to 5 Volt. At the startup all the lines are configured as general purpose I/O line. To configure them for other purposes create your own Device Tree and generate the Device Tree Blog file using the panel below.


Generate the DTB

Launch the acme-arietta.dts compilation to generate a binary .dtb file:

Download the binary via browser

Download [...], rename it in acme-arietta.dtb and save it inside the first microSD partition, then reboot.

Download the binary inside Arietta

It is possible to download the file directly inside Arietta by typing these commands from the command line:
wget [...] -O /boot/acme-arietta.dtb